Deepak Talwar explains what McDonald’s must do to revamp its market in India

McDonald’s, which celebrated its silver jubilee in India this week, needs to reinvent itself to conquer the market, Deepak Talwar, a seasoned market analyst said.

 The company’s 25-year-long journey encompassed huge success, but hasn’t been able to match the standards lately. The US fast food giant must realize it has 1.2 billion Indians as potential consumers, and only 480 restaurants serving such huge numbers isn’t enough.

National Monetization Pipeline: Market Analyst Deepak Talwar sheds light on new program

“Looking at the future prospects considering the revenue of Rs 6 lakh crore, the amount represents only 14 per cent of the proposed spending for the centre under National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP), which totals to 43 lakh crore. This value is directly chained with 12-line ministries and 20 plus asset classes,” Deepak Talwar was quoted as saying.

Imperative to stimulate MSME, Government Assistance Crucial: Deepak Talwar

Deepak Talwar, an esteemed corporate lobbyist, describes the Committee’s comments as a matter of deep importance for the Indian economy. He says, “While the image of India Inc and corporate world is largely covered by big names and companies, a significant portion of our economy depends on the status of MSMEs. The Rs. 20 lakh crores worth of relief package announced in May 2020 is yet to infuse MSMEs with the required capital.”

From waste to wing-tip: Deepak Talwar explains Sustainable Aviation Fuel

SAFs have been analysed to project potentials of as much as 80% reduction in carbon emissions in the entire lifecycle, when compared to traditional fuels.” States Market Analyst, Deepak Talwar

Greta Thunberg’s “Flygskam” or what amassed in popular culture as the “flight shame” roseas one iconic initiative all through Europe, shaking global consciousness on how essentially the aviation industry and as well individuals who take these commercial flights connivance to climate change.  With the growing focus on the issue, activists and environmental groups are throwing the topic of ‘carbon footprints’ in the spotlight, as one big impact of commercial flights, contributions to as much as 2-3 % in the total carbon emission into the environment. Notable market analyst Deepak Talwar marks, “Up against the fashion industry accounting to 8% of emissions in carbon and the food industry at 25%, though the convictions on aviation industry have been arguably a little premature, the industry has taken the bests from the circumstances- embarking a positive consciousness to reduce the environmental impacts of flying. “

Corporate analyst deepak talwar says indian economy can bounce back better than expected

Corporate analyst Deepak Talwar said some high frequency economic indicators suggest that not only is the economy showing sequential improvement, it might actually have surpassed last year’s levels.

Indian economy is one of the hardest hit in the world. Based on the data available, over 40 million people could have lost employment. GDP Plunged by 23.9 percent in the first quarter of FY2020-21 reflecting the economic toll due to months-long lockdown. A seasoned economic analyst has said that the Indian economy, severely impacted during the lockdown period, could end up being better than projected because of a host of sequential improvements in key sectors.

Lobbying is plagued by taboo and misconceptions says corporate lobbyist deepak talwar

Although a common business practice across the world, lobbying has been subjected to enormous flak in the Indian context. Excessive media coverage and half-baked opinions have labeled it synonymous with lies, cheating, and bribery. So much so that anyone associated with the profession is maligned, painted in grey, and, in some cases, subjected to libel. However, it is imperative that people look at lobbying beyond the lens of portrayal and attempt to remain objective while establishing an understanding of the practice instead of writing it off as illegal.

Don’t let air india fly away says corporate analyst deepak talwar

Deepak Talwar said the government has refused any further equity infusion for the cash-strapped national carrier, Air India. This is not good news. Worse, Air India has already announced that it will shut down its five offices across Europe – Vienna, Milan, Madrid, Copenhagen, and Stockholm – amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now you must also realize that there are also no Air India flights under Vande Bharat Mission to these countries. Air India is likely to cease all future flights to these countries as it is not financially viable for the airline to operate on these routes.

Market analyst deepak talwar says indian automotive industry is bouncing back amid pandemic

Restrictions on movement, work from home, and unwillingness to travel have altered mobility dynamics at unprecedented levels worldwide and India is no exception.

With the spread of the deadly virus, the world witnessed lockdowns across the countries like never before. Although several nations have moved out of lockdowns and unlocking has begun in phases, mobility dynamics has already been altered and are expected to change in the near future as well.

Eminent entrepreneur Deepak Talwar explain the impact of Covid-19 on the automotive sector in India and also suggests how the industry can gain crescendo amid and post-Coronavirus era.

Deepak Talwar believes Covid 19 has laid an important question. How do we revitalize and align MSMEs in India?

Covid-19, the world’s most dangerous virus that has put cancer to shame, has damaged something irreparably in India: MSME sector.

Seasoned market analyst Deepak Talwar said the pandemic halted the government’s ability to help the sector in India.

“In developed nations, governments have directly provided wage subsidies and credit to the stressed firms. The governments could do it because they had an advantage, they could map up the smaller firms. In India, most of the MSMEs are not registered. Why? No one has an answer,” said DeepakTalwar, considered one of the topmost market analysts in India.